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is an ambassador of life to the fullest, a love of passion and simple but incredibly important values.


NESAMOVYTO is a young Ukrainian brand, created to give warmth and keep your most important memories. Inspired by the singing of a melodic trembita, the enchanting landscapes of the Carpathian mountains and the dreamy whisper of the wind, our first collection was born.

Each of our handkerchiefs tells a story. Four special authentic Ukrainian songs formed the basis of the plots of our scarves. Shrill "Where are you now?", Dreamy "What a moonlit night" , inspiring "I'll go to the distant mountains" and playful "Cheremshina". These songs, familiar to every ukrainian from childhood, arouse the most sincere feelings, remind of such simple but such important values ​​and inspire to live life to the fullest. Choose your handkerchief and plunge into the whirlpool of memories, dreams and feelings that warm ones heart.


Live NESAMOVYTO and appreciate every moment!

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