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How to wear a scarf

2021 was a breakthrough year for scarves — this accessory has taken an honorable place in the wardrobes of fashionistas and celebrities of all ages and genders.  

We have made a selection of scarf styling options so that this accessory is fully revealed in your looks. 

Warm kerchief

Autumn / Winter / Spring

Non-standard accessory for beautiful warming.

Classic Kerchief

Autumn / Winter

Bright accessory for cool days.

Thin silk scarf


Bright accent for your outfits


Autumn / Spring / Winter

Non-standard combinations of bright berets with kerchiefs

Classic scarf

Spring / Summer

Dozens of handkerchief styling variations for warm weather and bright outfits.

To be continued...

We are constantly looking for something new and interesting for you, so new shots and non-standard styling will soon appear on this page. 

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