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Dance to your own tune 

The collection is dedicated to the talented Ukrainian artist Lyubov Panchenko.

We wanted to convey that special rebellious spirit that was characteristic of the artist who "danced to her own tune" all her life because she did not agree to be Soviet, so she could not become popular during the times of the USSR. Mystkina suffered as a result of the Russian occupation of Bucha. On April 30, 2022, Lyubov Panchenko died in a Kyiv hospital. 

It is because of this image of a hooligan who was ahead of her time that we want to introduce the widest possible audience to Lyubov, to interest them in learning more about the work of the artist.

The "Dance to Your Own Bagpipe" collection was created as a result of multi-faceted collaboration with the Gulliver Shopping Center, the project's ideological inspirations: the Sixties Museum and the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, and the "Postup-14" community, thanks to which Lyubov Panchenko's first artistic album "The Return" was born ".

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